/ Leadership Webinar Series

Leadership Webinar Series

The Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET) Leadership Webinar Series hosted by CBET faculty and staff, brings together biopharmaceutical industry leaders from academia and industry. Touching on an array of topics including the latest scientific breakthroughs, advancement in equipment, commercialization and the current industry climate, future trends, and much more. 

These webinars provide a unique opportunity to participate in a discussion among the industry’s leading scientists in a flexible and fast-paced one hour timespan. 

Please note: The CBET Leadership Series is free of charge. Registration is required. 


October 26

The Evolution of a Career in Pharmaceutical Research

The natural world demonstrates an exquisite capability to, perform complex, efficient and elegant chemistry. Humans have been increasingly successful to innovate ways to engineer these natural tools and algorithms to our own goals.  In this webinar, we will explore the key advances and critical hurdles for translating emerging molecular biology technologies into practical applications and real commercial processes for health care.


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