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Payel Datta PH.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Payel Datta is the Senior Scientist at the Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education, and Training (CBET). Dr. Datta has rich experience in course curriculum design, and teaching biology courses to both non-majors and biology majors. In addition, Dr. Datta has over ten years of research experience. These academic-industrial collaborative research projects focused on biomanufacturing of value-added chemicals; specifically, responsibilities included, (1) lead upstream process development and tech-transfer of recombinant strains expressing enzymes, polysaccharides, proteins, and small molecules, and (2) identify, develop, optimize, and implement in vitro, and cell-based assays for preclinical safety and efficacy studies. These projects are academic-industrial partnerships and required working collaboratively with interdisciplinary group of scientists from academia and industry. These projects resulted in numerous technical documents, scientific documents, and a patent. The work has led to rich experience in authoring and editing (1) technical documents (which include SOPs, batch records, documents as part of pre-IND and NDA applications), and (2) over 25 scientific documents (which include review articles, book chapter, peer-reviewed publications, and conference abstracts and presentations). Dr. Datta is highly motivated towards harnessing her experience and knowledge in workforce development and in biomanufacturing of biopharmaceutically important products.