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As the biomanufacturing industry experiences rapid expansion, there is a pressing need for a robust workforce training initiative capable of effectively harnessing new talent pools. Biotech Connect emerges as a pioneering program aimed at fortifying the workforce by fostering awareness and imparting technical and soft skills essential for success in the field of biomanufacturing.

At the core of Biotech Connect lies a collaborative endeavor between esteemed institutions: Capital District Educational Opportunity Center (CDEOC), Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC), and the advanced biomanufacturing training center, CBET. Together, these entities have united to spearhead an innovative, sustainable, and scalable entry-level training pathway poised to reshape the landscape of biomanufacturing workforce development.

Biotech Connect endeavors to equip candidates with a robust understanding of the fundamental terminology and concepts within the biomanufacturing domain. Additionally, it aims to equip them with indispensable technical skills while refining their ability to navigate job interviews with confidence and grace. Notably, the program places significant emphasis on inclusivity, targeting individuals from diverse backgrounds including post-secondary students, GED/high school graduates, women, people of color, and refugees.

A pivotal strength of Biotech Connect lies in its strategic partnerships and outreach endeavors. Through collaboration with the esteemed CDEOC and the provision of comprehensive wrap-around services, the program ensures the broadening of its reach to underserved communities, thereby dismantling barriers to entry and fostering a more inclusive workforce.

Moreover, the deliberate positioning of Biotech Connect at CBET and CDEOC, situated within the communities it aims to serve, underscores its commitment to accessibility and community engagement. Furthermore, the program’s dedication to diversity is evidenced by its staffing composition, which boasts a significant representation of women and minorities. This not only cultivates an inclusive environment but also furnishes participants with professional mentors with whom they can truly identify. Biotech Connect aims to inspire individuals to realize their full potential in the field of biomanufacturing. The program is free to attend.

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May 21, 2023

May 23, 2023

May 28, 2023

May 30, 2023