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The Evolution of a Career in Pharmaceutical Research

October 26


Dr. Michels has a twenty-eight year science leadership and management track record in the areas of drug research, technology, and manufacturing. Pete has led teams focusing on applications of biological, chemical, and analytical science to integrate and improve the processes of drug discovery and development. His experience includes scientific innovation leadership, technical project implementation, capital planning and execution. Dr. Michels also has experience leading diverse scientific research programs, including collaborations with Industry (Pharma, Biotech, Consumer), Government Institutes and Agencies, Academic and Not-for-Profit Institutions, and Venture Capital.


Most recently, Pete was Senior Director and Global Head of Chemistry, Fermentation, Biocatalysis and DMPK at CURIA (formerly AMRI), a leading global contract research/manufacturing organization based in Albany, NY (USA), where his executive responsibilities included business and customer management, technology innovation and development, program management, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, quality control, and budget management. Pete led a multidisciplinary international group of over 50 scientists through >150 cross-border projects to support pharmaceutical development collaborations for small and large pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, not-for-profit institutes, and government research labs and agencies in the areas of synthetic biology and biocatalysis, preclinical drug development, ADMET/DMPK, and metabolite synthesis.