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Leadership Speaker Series Webinar Event

November 17, 2022

Tania Pereira Chilima: Chief Technology Officer at Univercells Technologies

CBET Webinar Series have returned! On November 17th, Tania Chilima our guest speaker, will be discussing the process of integration and intensification for gene therapy manufacturing.

The following subjects will be covered:

  • The value of process intensification & integration in protein manufacture vs. gene therapies.
  • When does continuous processing for gene therapy production make sense?
  • The role of technology innovation in enabling process intensification and integration & much more.

Join us live on Zoom for this FREE webinar event. Please register prior to the webinar using the register button above.


Tania D. Pereira Chilima is the Chief Technology Officer at Univercells Technologies where she focuses on driving innovation to execute our mission of delivering the next evolution of biomanufacturing. She also oversees the direction of the technology portfolio and is responsible for continuously identifying new technologies that could complement our portfolio as well as the application of our systems to new modalities.

Prior to this role, she was Product Manager for the NevoLine™ platform at Univercells, and previously worked as a post-doctorate researcher for the ULTRA grant sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, focused on designing manufacturing strategies for ultra-low-cost vaccine manufacture.

Tania holds an engineering doctorate from the University College London in partnership with Pall Life Sciences entitled, Decisional Tools for Enabling Successful Manufacture and Commercialization of Cell Therapy Products, and is a frequent contributor to industry publications and journals.