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Are You Weighing Results at Risk? W/ Guest Speaker Geoff Bradford

December 6, 2022

Geoff Bradford – Mettle Toledo, Inc.

(1.5 hr)

Do you know how to assess the accuracy of your weighing device? Can you weigh a very small sample and ensure that it is accurate? Can you prove it?

How is accuracy determined on a weighing device and how does ‘Minimum Weight’ apply to this? By understanding the critical weighing parameters that are involved in weighing, we can guide you through establishing a ‘safe weighing range’ to ensure you always have accurate results!

Join Mettler Toledo’s Metrologist Geoff Bradford as he guides you through the understanding of accurate weighing and how to prove that you are using the right device for its intended use.


Geoff Bradford has been with METTLER TOLEDO Service for 25 years and has been a practicing applied Metrologist for 35 years. He now serves as Mettler Toledo’s Technology and Applications Consultant for Good Weighing Practice™ for North America.